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If you want to keep your smile looking radiant and healthy, then good oral hygiene is key. Regular check-ups at the dentist can help you achieve this, as a six-monthly visit to your local dental clinic will ensure that any potential or existing problems are identified quickly. This will ultimately save you money on costlier treatments in the future, as intervention can be carried out early on.

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After hours appointments available

If you need an after hours appointment please make a booking

Dental check ups

If you need to book routine dental check-ups for you or your family, then visit our clinic at Grote Street Dental. We have years of experience working with patients young and old across the Adelaide CBD, and will answer any questions you may have during the appointment.


If you have missing teeth, our dentistry team at Grote Street Dental can fit dental implants to offer a more permanent solution to restoring your smile. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to trauma or as a result of decay, implants can fill the gaps and give you back a full smile in no time.


When you come to Grote Street Dental for treatment, we’ll first carry out a detailed oral examination before discussing how we could best intervene. This may involve using traditional braces or the newer ‘invisible’ techniques, with the treatment carried out at our clinic or by our associated orthodontist.
Since 2013, Grote Street Dental has been providing dental services to patients throughout the Adelaide CBD, working with all ages to help maintain healthy smiles. So, if you need to book an appointment, just contact our team and we’ll take it from there.
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Comprehensive dental services

At Grote Street Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services, including restorative and cosmetic treatments. Some of our most common services include:

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As a local, family owned and operated practice, we provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in our Adelaide clinic, with same-day services and efficiency guaranteed. We work after-hours as required, so if you need dental assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’ll do whatever we can to fit around your busy schedules. We also use the HICAPS system, which links us to most private health funds for our patients’ convenience.

Call us today on 08 8211 7888 to book an appointment at our dental clinic in the Adelaide CBD.

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