Children's Dentistry

Comprehensive children’s dentistry services in the Adelaide CBD

Offering dental care for all the family, Grote Street Dental works with patients of all ages in the Adelaide CBD. We provide a dedicated children’s dentistry service along with our adult dental intervention, so if you’d like to book your child in for a check-up, just give us a call.

Our dentists are great with kids and will always make them feel relaxed and comfortable, so they have a good experience at the clinic on every visit.

Our children’s dentistry services

As advocates of preventative dental care, we know how important it is that your child develops a good oral hygiene routine early on, so we recommend bringing children in for check-ups regularly. This will familiarise them with the environment as well as teach them about how to look after their teeth and gums.

With sugar an ever-increasing problem in today’s diets, children are just as much at risk of dental decay as adults. By establishing good oral hygiene habits from a young age, your child will ultimately enjoy healthier teeth into adulthood and, hopefully, for life.

From demonstrating tooth-brushing techniques to sealing teeth to limit plaque build-up, our dentists do all this and more as part of our children’s services. We further provide an orthodontic assessment, with referrals if required.
child at dentist getting teeth check up

Call us today on 08 8211 7888 to find out more about our children’s dentistry services in the Adelaide CBD.

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