Natural-looking tooth fillings in the Adelaide CBD

At Grote Street Dental, we provide a range of dental services, and fitting tooth fillings is one of the most common treatments we perform. Based in the Adelaide CBD, our dental team uses the most up-to-date techniques and equipment so our patients can always expect the most effective intervention.

Composite resin fillings

Our tooth fillings are long-lasting and made from high-quality white composite resin that blends in with your natural tooth colour to give a healthy smile. Fitting fillings not only enhances your appearance but also protects your teeth from further damage.

Old amalgam fillings eventually crack teeth as they expand over time, but with our composite resin fillings, you’ll never have this problem again.
Fillings can be used to:
  • Restore fractured or decayed teeth
  • Cosmetically change the size, colour, and shape of teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Make teeth appear more straight and even
With multiple benefits, tooth fillings are fitted regularly at our clinic, so if you think you need a filling and would like to book an appointment, please contact our team. We’ll assess your teeth and gums before any treatment commences, and if you proceed with fillings, you can enjoy a fully restored smile in no time.

couple with perfect teeth

Call us today on 08 8211 7888 for more details about our natural-looking tooth fillings in the Adelaide CBD.

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