Your friendly orthodontist in the Adelaide CBD

If you or one of your family members requires an orthodontist, then our team at Grote Street Dental can help. Our orthodontist is on call throughout the Adelaide CBD, so if you need an appointment, just get in touch.

We work with both adults and children, so whether you need orthodontic treatment for the first time or require ongoing intervention, we can help.

Your friendly orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of smiles by straightening teeth, it also restores self-confidence and keeps your mouth healthy. For example, if you have too many teeth, this can put pressure on them, causing discomfort and damage.

When you come to Grote Street Dental for treatment, we’ll first carry out a detailed oral examination before discussing how we could best intervene. This may involve using traditional braces or the newer ‘invisible’ techniques, with the treatment carried out at our clinic or by our associated orthodontist.

A great option for many of our adult patients is Invisalign, which does all the work of traditional braces but without the metalwork appearance. Just speak to our dentists for more information on this.
before and after braces taken off

Call us today on 08 8211 7888 to make an appointment with our orthodontist in the Adelaide CBD.

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