Root Canal

Root canal treatment in the Adelaide CBD

If you require root canal treatment due to an infected nerve, then Grote Street Dental is the perfect place to go. Tooth pain can be the first sign that something’s not right, so if you have a toothache, then it’s best to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Similarly, if your teeth feel over-sensitive, then this can also be an indicator that intervention is required and that the tooth nerve or root is decayed or damaged.

What happens during root canal treatment?

If your dentist has examined your mouth and recommended root canal treatment, then the process will involve removing the infected pulp from underneath the tooth. The cavity will be cleared of bacteria, pulp, and damaged nerves, with the space then filled with dental materials. This will ultimately save the remaining tooth structure and prevent the need for an extraction, as well as protect the surrounding teeth.

In some cases, multiple visits may be required to ensure removal of all the pulp, but we’ll always make you as comfortable as we can during the treatment. In some cases, particularly for very nervous patients, IV sedation may be administered by anaesthetists so you’ll only be partially aware of what’s going on.

If you have any questions about pain relief, our dentists will explain how each of the processes work and answer any questions you may have.
woman having a root canal treatment

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