Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal in the Adelaide CBD

When it comes to extracting wisdom teeth, Grote Street Dental can do this for patients throughout the Adelaide CBD area. With years of experience, our dentists provide comprehensive oral assessments to determine the effect your wisdom teeth might have on the surrounding teeth. Common problems include tooth-crowding and infections, which we’ll deal with promptly, should we find them.

If an extraction is deemed appropriate, then we’ll discuss this with you and outline what’s involved in the process. We’ll also monitor wisdom teeth that aren’t currently posing a problem, making sure that, should any issues arise, they won’t cause pain or discomfort for very long.

Should an extraction be required, we can arrange to have this done at the clinic or can refer you to our associated oral surgeons.


At Grote Street Dental we also provide general tooth extraction services. An extraction may be required in cases where teeth are too badly decayed or damaged to restore. We can manage most of these cases at our clinic and will always ensure that you’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the process.

Our dental team provides supportive follow-up care post-procedure, for your added peace of mind, so just contact us today if you’d like more information.
couple smiling after wisdom teeth removal

Call us today on 08 8211 7888 for more details about our wisdom teeth removal services in the Adelaide CBD.

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